SKODA Automotive Overijse

Say goodbye to printing and labeling costs for window display stickers.

Customer needs

Following the example of their other branches, SKODA Overijse also invests in attractive, striking and dynamic communication. Yet modernization is not their only reason. Designing, printing, sticking and removing advertisement on the window display is expensive. Additionally, this type of advertising is limited to just a single static image. When it’s time for a new campaign, promotion or message, the whole process (and the accompanying costs) starts all over again. High time for an LED adventure!

Our solution

From now on SKODA Automotive Overijse saves on printing and labeling costs thanks to the integration of a ‘BrightBoard’ (13.75m²) behind the display window. The LED screen is used to show various inventive SKODA commercials; take a look at the photos below. Besides the general commercials, SKODA Overijse now has the possibility to launch their messages and focus on their local target group. The ideal solution, don’t you think?


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