LCD touch screens

Perfect for interactive experiences, such as wayfinding and product browsing.

An overview of our products

Enhance your customer experience in an attractive and dynamic way. Integrate your business DNA with a personalized design. Incorporating websites and webpages opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

Interactive Table Kiosk

BrightBoard Interactieve kiosk
BrightBoard Interactieve kiosk

Interactive Desktop Series

BrightBoard Interactieve Desktop Series
BrightBoard Interactieve Desktop Series

& Digital signage

Touchscreens and interactive screens give visitors the opportunity to search for personalized products. Interactivity increases purchase motivation.

Easy-to-use interface

Thanks to the easy-to-use interface the power is now in your hands to create and control content that your audience will love to interact with.

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Attract attention with attractive and dynamic messages. Generate more brand awareness and revenue.