Make your building stand out

Attract attention with your message from a great distance! Increase your brand awareness and sales.

Easily customizable messages

With our user-friendly software you can easily customize videos, images and messages in no time, whenever and wherever you want.

ledscherm aan de gevel

Custom-made facade construction

Thanks to the modular format design of our LED modules, we can create LED screens and seamless wall constructions in almost every size.

LED Facade
Construction specifications

Top quality & finish

High-quality components form the basis for superior image quality and a longer lifespan.

We are personal

Professional long-term relationships: each customer is assigned a personal BrightBoard advisor.

Project management

We relieve you at every step: the concept, choice of product, production, construction, installation and the configuration of your screen.

Tailor-made solutions

We offer tailor-made solutions and services, without burdening you with useless investments.

Sports and retail references

We work with many companies and sports clubs at different levels.

Collaboration with GSC

Concerning LED expertise and capability, we have become stronger thanks to the collaboration with GSC, the world's largest sports technology and management company.