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The busy exit ‘Asse’ sees many passers-by each day. The ideal location for communication!

Customer needs

Road Academy is an accredited education center in Zellik and offers training in getting your driver’s license. Their accommodation is modern and contains new offices and equipped grounds for the practical exercises. Naturally, they want to communicate all their services to the widest possible audience.

Our solution

Their location is excellent, via the busy N9 connecting to Brussels – Asse exit. It gives them the major advantage of being able to communicate with the desired target group. They have a large outreach due to the high numbers of people passing by daily. We installed a double-sided LED screen of 5.69m² per screen, a total of 11.38m². Thanks to a unique V structure the two LED screens are visible from both directions of the busy road. This truly is an LED construction with maximum impact.

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