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Customer needs

AIBV nv, recognized for performing technical inspections for vehicles, has numerous branches in Belgium. They have many visitors and that means there is a need for clear instructions, structure and communication to ensure everything runs smoothly. Not every visitor was sufficiently informed beforehand about the way things were done, such as showing (board) documents or ‘buckling’ the seat belts. Every time a visitor has to do an extra action on site it means a delay, for the company but also for other customers (customer satisfaction).

Our solution

To best accommodate all visitors, AIBV chose 11 semi-mobile LED screens. The mobility gives AIBV the flexibility where and when they want to communicate. The LED screens are currently being used in Mollem, Londerzeel, Zellik, Zemst and numerous other branches.
Ad-hoc communication, preparing and guiding visitors or directing customers to (future) online appointments, these are just some of the possibilities that ensure more efficiency, higher customer satisfaction and a lower error – and cost margin.

  • Type: Semi-Mobiel BrightBoard AdScreen Outdoor
  • PixelPitch: 4.8 mm
  • Size: 2.750 mm x 1.500 mm = 4,13 m²
  • Dimension: 573 pxls x 313 pxls = 179.036 pxls


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