Auto group Mullens

From now on Auto Group Mullens communicates what, when and where they want it, thanks to their brand-new LED trailer.

Customer needs

Auto Group Mullens has three sites where they want to highlight their sales and promotions throughout the year. Alternating messages at different locations. You don’t stand out from the crowd with just one image, for that you need a variety of dynamic images. Fun content also requires a modern communication tool. That’s how they found us.

Our solution

Auto Group Mullens was specifically looking for a mobile LED solution they could use for their three sites. This is where our BrightBoard LED trailers excel thanks to their mobility and flexibility. Daily the three sites have a lot of ‘potential customers’ passing by. Want to bet that most of them already checked out that new and shiny LED screen?

  • Type : Écran publicitaire BrightBoard Outdoor AdScreen
  • Pixel Pitch : 8 mm
  • Dimensions : 3 520 mm x 2 240 mm = 7,88 m²
  • Résolution : 440 p x 280 p = 42 560 p


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