Carwash Dodane

The range and prices always up to date!

Customer needs

Carwash Dodane has 4 branches, including 1 Self Carwash. In addition to different formulas, they regularly offer interesting promotions and actions. Did you know that by showing moving messages customers find it less ‘annoying’ to wait or queue? Objective: better inform customers (increase turnover) and increase customer satisfaction.

Our solution

Carwash Dodane chose to install an LCD poster, just before entering the car wash, in each of its three branches. This gives them an opportunity to present their services and their full range of products. Does a price or part of the program change? No worries, the content is updated in no time. Moreover, Dodane also invested in an LED trailer, with 4 branches is mobile communication a great asset.

  • Type: BrightBoard AdScreens Totem
  • PixelPitch: P8
  • Size: 3.840 mm x 2.160 mm = 8,29m²
  • Resolution: 480 pxs x 270 pxs = 129.000 pxs
  • LCD
  • Type: 3 Outdoor Digital Advertising Displays
  • Size: 49” Wall-Mounted


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