CC De Rand

Superb communication with a double-sided LED totem.

Customer needs

For various cultural activities, events or general messages, community center De Rand had a clear need for a striking communication tool in front of their building. They were looking for an easy way to communicate with current and potential customers.

Our solution

For this project it was important that the messages would be visible from both directions of the road. Our engineers developed a three-sided totem with LED screens on two sides. The community center is located on a busy road with slow traffic and now has a large reach through their LED totem.

  • Type: BrightBoard AdScreen Outdoor SMD double-sided
  • Pixel Pitch : 6 mm
  • Dimensions : 2 640 mm x 1 680 mm = 4,4352 m²
  • Resolution : 440 p x 280 p = 123 200 p


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