KAA Gent

This club starts its visual communication already from the stadium parking lot.

Customer needs

Soccer is an experience and an emotion. And for some time now, not just on the field but also next to and even outside the stadium. KAA Gent wanted to entertain and inform its supporters from the moment they arrive at the stadium. Get them ready for the game with exciting and engaging images, and also inform them of practicalities such as parking facilities, upcoming events and club or sponsor promotions.

Our solution

The most suitable LED application turned out to be a BrightBoard Outdoor LED Totem P6 of 8.29 m² right at the entrance of the main parking lot. It functions not only as an additional dynamic communication tool before and after club games, but it also displays informative and commercial messages throughout the week. Just think of the numerous events that take place in the Ghelamco Arena. KAA Gent is fully up to speed with their visual and digital story.

  • Type: BrightBoard AdScreen Outdoor Totem
  • Pixel Pitch : 6 mm
  • Dimensions : 3 840 mm x 2 160 mm = 8,29 m²
  • Total resolution : 230 400 pxls


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