KBVB - Rode Duivels

Loyal partners of the KBVB since 2008.

Customer needs

The first Sports Perimeter was installed by BrightBoard in 2008 in collaboration with the KBVB and the Red Devils. At that time, the King Boudewijn Stadium was in need of renovation. Not only the general atmosphere could use a boost, the KBVB sponsors and partners also needed to be put in the spotlight in an appealing and dynamic way.

Our solution

For every game in the King Boudewijn Stadium we install 254 meters of LED Boarding around the playing field. We do this not only for the matches of our Red Devils, but we also provide our LED Boarding for the cup finals. Recently, we also started installing an additional second ring of 115 meters. Now there is even more space for communication, sponsors and experience!

  • 254 meters BrightBoard LED Boaring around the field
  • 115 meters BrightBoard LED Boarding on the track functioning as a second ring


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