Krokodiel Middelkerke

An LED screen for all water sports and recreational activities

Custom needs

Since 2021 Vita Krokodiel is the place in Middelkerke where people come together and have the choice between three different swimming pools, among others. Because of the extensive offer and the large number of visitors, they were looking for an application to communicate appropriately depending on the situation.

Our solution

Together with our partner Westerstrand Europe, we installed a 6m² Indoor AdScreen. Thanks to Westerstrand Europe’s personalized software, the LED screen can be used for both water sports and various recreational activities. The installed AdScreen comes from our pool series and is therefore 100% conditioned to all conditions in the accommodation of the pool

  • Type: BrightBoard Indoor AdScreens – Zwembad series
  • PixelPitch: P4.8
  • Size: 3.000mm x 2.000 = 6m²
  • Resolution: 624pxs x 416pxs = 259.584 pxs


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