Kursaal Ostend

This modern concert venue with its stylish and illuminated facade combined with our LED screens, gives a true Broadway atmosphere.

Customer needs

The facade of the Kursaal in Ostend has five large spaces in which large banners are hung to announce upcoming concerts and events. However, the need for real-time information kept growing and there was never enough space to announce each performance.

Our solution

The two outer banners were replaced with two large BrightBoard LED screens of 10m² each. Tasteful lighting was installed in the frame that surrounds the screens and inner banners. The installation of sustainable LED screens means that far fewer banners have to be printed and it helps the Kursaal on its way to sustainability. The building itself is already impressive and now with the BrightBoard LED screens in the classy facade, people are even more impressed when passing through or entering the concert venue.

  • Type : Type: BrightBoard AdScreen Outdoor SMD
  • Pixel Pitch : 6 mm
  • Dimensions : 800 mm x 2 400 mm = 11,52 m²
  • Resolution : 800 p x 400 p = 320 000 pxls


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