Marioca Chocolatier

Showing creative and original products is selling!`

Customer needs

“Creativity and originality are as important to Marioca as the art of chocolate making itself.” What better way to show this artisanal mastery than with handsome images of the assortment? Did you also know that a vending machine is available 24/7? Useful info for all passers-by along the E17-E40, high time to communicate this!

our solutions

Marioca chose a stylish LED totem with a 6.5m² LED screen. This was installed along the side/back of their building next to the highway. The totem is personalized with their opening hours and contact details combined with practical info and handsome images of delicious products. You can almost taste them!

  • Type: BrightBoard LED Totem
  • PixelPitch: 8 mm
  • Size: 3.250 mm x 2.000 mm = 6,5 m²
  • Resolution: 406 pxls x 250 pxls = 101.563 pxls


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