Napoleon Games

Napoleon Games in Antwerp plays the trump card in dynamic and modern advertising with their new BrightBoard AdScreen.

Customer needs

We’re all familiar with the Napoleon Games commercials, but for their branch in Antwerp they wanted to take it a step further. They wanted a modern and contemporary eye-catcher that gives their customers a real experience when they enter the store.

Our solution

In order ensure a grand and impressive welcome for their customers, we decided to work with the existing large window sections. Along both sides of the entrance hall we installed massive LED screens of 7.84m². The screens are equipped with a brightness sensor so their content remains perfectly visible in all weather conditions. Not just ‘Play when you’re feeling lucky’, but especially ‘feel welcome and enter’ is the message!

  • Type: BrightBoard indoor AdScreen High Brightness
  • Pixel Pitch : 4,8 mm
  • Dimensions : 4 080 mm x 1 920 mm
  • Resolution : 850 p x 400 p = 340 000 p


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