Mobile communication from any location.

Customer needs

Several municipalities from the Pajottenland area, with a total of about 320.000 inhabitants, were looking for a solution to communicate in an optimal and mobile way. It was vital that the LED screens could easily be transported to various locations: the ‘hotspots’ of the individual municipalities. They wanted to communicate where the message would have the most impact.

Our solution

Mobile communication for a broad audience? No problem at all! Pajottenland purchased 7 mobile LED totems with the aim of placing them in various municipalities. They specifically chose this LED application because the mobile LED totems can be easily moved to the desired location: from the market square or the town hall entrance to the municipal school or at the sports center. Location is important and so is content. Each municipality can customize its own messages about events, or messages of general interest and information about the Pajottenland.

  • Type: BrightBoard Full Colour AdScreen LED-Flower Box
  • Pixel Pitch : 6 mm
  • Dimensions : 1,38 m²
  • Resolution : 38 400 p


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