SBAT Autokeuring Nazareth

The right queue? All paperwork available? Good preparation is half the work.

Customer needs

Seat belts buckled? Proper paperwork ready? Are you in the correct line? Many questions that can be answered clearly with the right communication and that also saves time for both the customer and the car inspection. After a successful collaboration with SBAT Autokeuring Sint-Denijs-Westrem, SBAT Nazareth also chose to integrate LED screens.

Our solution

Above each gate, we installed six LED screens of 1.15m² each. Our customized software offers the possibility to communicate specific messages per line as well as messages on lines of your choice. Ad-hoc adjustments, messages or automatic weekly programming, it’s all perfectly possible and also quickly set up.

  • Type: BrightBoard AdScreen Outdoor
  • PixelPitch: P6
  • Size: 2.400mm x 480mm = 1,15m²
  • Resolution: 400pxs x 80pxs = 32.000 pxs


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