Skoda Ceulemans Herent

A personalized double-sided LED totem, that stands out!

Customer needs

Skoda Import and Garage Ceulemans were looking for a beautiful integration of LED to be able to stand out in the street. This installation needed to have the same look and feel as the corporate identity of Garage Ceulemans and Skoda Import.

Our solution

After a thorough visibility analysis and meetings with both Skoda Import and Mr. Tom Ceulemans, BrightBoard designed a tailor-made double-sided LED totem that meets the requirements of all parties involved. This solution allows them to display their full range of services and cars. All this in a high-end resolution with sufficient attention to detail. The LED totem was installed in the parking lot along the side of the street to have as much impact as possible.

  • Type: Double-sided BrightBoard Outdoor AdScreen on Totem
  • Pixel Pitch : 6 mm
  • Dimensions : 640 mm x 1 680 mm
  • Resolution : 440 p x 280 p = 123 000 p


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