SKODA MIG Motors Gent

The range, promotions, services and services on 8m²

Customer needs

Showing a complete overview of the promotions, range and services without buying each time new posters or stickers. That is perfectly possible and one of the reasons why SKODA MIG Motors from Ghent also opts for LED application behind the window. Moving messages and attractive content also attract more attention than static images. A win-win situation!

Our solution

We always coordinate the type and location of our installations, together with the customer, based on maximum impact for existing customers, visitors and passers-by alike. For SKODA MIG Motors, we chose a vertical LED installation behind the window in the showcase. With a pixel pitch of 3.9mm, the content is played back in a particularly high and sharp resolution.

  • Type: BrightBoard Window AdScreens
  • PixelPitch: P3.9
  • Dimensions: 1.750mm x 4.750 = 8,31m²
  • Resolution: 448pxs x 1.216pxs = 544.768 pxs


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