SKODA Raes Oostende

A brand-new infrastructure with an integrated LED screen.

Customer needs

For a long time SKODA Belgium has been going down the road of visual and digital communication. This is also the case for the new building of SKODA Raes in Ostend. Following the successful collaborations with the SKODA branches in Machelen, Hasselt, Dockx, Herent and Antwerp, SKODA Ostend will also use a BrightBoard AdScreen.

Our solution

Just like with the other branches, we were closely involved in the construction of the new shop in Ostend. It gave us the opportunity to seamlessly integrate the LED screen in the side wall while focusing on the SKODA branding. With an LED screen of 11.25m² there is no lack of content exposure!

  • Type: BrightBoard AdScreen Outdoor SMD
  • Pixel Pitch : 4,8 mm
  • Dimensions : 5 250 mm x 3 000 mm = 15,75 m²
  • Resolution : 882 p x 504 p = 444 884 p


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