Two LED screens (including coating for the pool) of 6m² combined with 18 meters of Indoor LED boarding

Customer needs

From aquajogging, swimming lessons for children to Ladies @ the pool or Pickleball, the pool and sports hall of the SportinGenk Park offer numerous activities. Besides communicating the extensive offer, they were also looking for a way to display personalized scores and informative messages, – before and after the activities – in both areas.

Our solution

Together with our partner Westerstrand, we installed a 6m² BrightBoard AdScreen in the swimming pool. The screen was given an extra protective layer so that it is sufficiently protected against humid conditions. Just like in the swimming pool, SportinGenk chose a BrightBoard AdScreen of 6m² in combination with 18 meters of indoor LED boarding (including transport carts so that the system can easily be moved depending on the type of activity).

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