SV Zulte Waregem

This soccer club is ready for the future thanks to their double LED wall!

Customer needs

After the renovation of the Elindus Arena (formally the Rainbow Stadium) it was time in 2021 to upgrade the visual communication as well. More advertising space for partners means greater visibility and more revenue. Following the example set by clubs abroad, the idea arose to build an LED wall of two levels.

Our solution

In addition to upgrading the existing LED boarding with sharper image quality and higher resolution, the second ring behind the LED boarding was renovated as well. It was installed in such a way that as viewed from television, only one large LED wall is visible. As the cherry on the cake, the LED screens on the tribune (ring 3) were also upgraded and expanded. The result? A staggering 80 running meters of extra boarding and a sharper image quality of all LED panels. The first double connecting LED ring in Belgium? You can admire it at SV Zulte Waregem!

  • 237 meters of LED boarding P10 around the pitch
  • 77 meter LED panels P10 behind the LED boarding – ring 2
  • 77 meters of LED panels P10 fixed on the tribune – ring 3


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