Topsporthal Kortrijk

One of the largest indoor LED scoreboards in Belgium is now installed in the top sports center ‘De Lange Munte’ in Kortrijk!

Customer needs

Top sports center ‘De Lange Munte’ in Kortrijk is used for numerous indoor sports such as handball, basketball and volleyball. Different sports, each with a unique way of communicating about score, time display and general match information with different commercial platforms. Our regular partner ‘WESTERSTRAND Europe’ was asked to provide a solution with a focus on easily adjustable and personalized communication.

Our solution

Together with our long-standing partner ‘WESTERSTRAND Europe’ we installed scoreboards and shot clocks compliant with FIBA LEVEL 1, an LED screen of 28.60 m² and we combined this with 24m of LED boarding (8 mobile carts of 3 meters each). What makes this project even more unique is that the LED screen is adjustable in height so it can be used for any game or event. The screen works in conjunction with the scoreboards and shot clocks. Showing live replays and video messages? Not a problem!

  • Type: BrightBoard Indoor AdScreen
  • Pixelpitch: 6 mm
  • Dimensions: 7.104 mm x 4.032 mm = 28,64 m²
  • Resolution: 795.648 pxls
  • Type: BrightBoard Indoor SportsPerimeter
  • Pixelpitch: 6 mm
  • Dimensions: 28,80 m (length) x 960 mm (width)
  • Resolution: 614.400 pxls


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