Ville de Nieuwpoort

This tourist hotspot sees 1.6 million day trippers each year. The city needed an effective and mobile communication solution.

Customer needs

Nieuwpoort – with its 11.600 inhabitants – is a young and dynamic coastal town bursting with costal vibes. In addition to its sandy beaches, the town offers numerous recreational opportunities such as water sports facilities, cycling and walking routes and a fascinating history. Every year the people of Nieuwpoort welcome 1.6 million day tourists. On places where the crowds often gather (the train station, local market or events) the need for communication is very high.

Our solution

To be able to frequently communicate in different ‘hot spots’ (e.g. the train station during the summer months or the local market during the week) the city of Nieuwpoort opted for mobile LED solutions. We developed two BrightBoard LED trailers of 4.13 m² with a pixel pitch of 5.95 mm. Easy to move. Ready to use anytime, anywhere.

  • Type: BrightBoard LED trailer
  • Pixel Pitch : 5,95 mm
  • Dimensions : 2 750 mm x 1 500 mm = 4,13 m²
  • Resolution : 462 p x 252 p = 116 517 p


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