Indoor LED screens

More visibility in your shop or business with a fixed or mobile LED screen.

Attract attention
and display information

Dynamic and engaging high-resolution images in your business or retail space do not only attract people’s attention, they’re also an easy way to provide customers and visitors with additional information.

Fixed, mobile and
creative solutions

Choose between different constructions: stand alone, truss system or a fixed frame. With a mobile structure you can easily change the position of the LED screen yourself.

Indoor LED screen

High-definition LED screen

Easy maintenance

Modular system

Time and program scheduling

User-friendly software

No building permit needed

Odette Lunettes

Attract attention, impress and tease customers. That is what Odette Lunettes is all about. Founder Eline De Munck does this not only with her fashionable eyewear, but also with engaging advertising. Her promotional videos and commercials deserve our full attention and for this it needs a suitable platform.

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Attract attention with attractive and dynamic messages. Generate more brand awareness and revenue.