Window LED screen

A window display with lots of foot traffic?
An ideal spot for some attractive communication.

An LED screen
behind your window display

No structural modifications to your building facade while still achieving maximum visibility. An LED screen behind the window display is the perfect solution.

Personalized back cover

For an aesthetic and stylish integration of the LED screen into your business, we provide personalized prints for the back cover of the screens.

Window LED screen

Modular design

Construction according to the space behind the window

User-friendly software

Brightness sensor

High Brightness LED screen

No building permit needed

Colora testimonial

We designed a multifunctional marvel for Colora. The AdScreen is mounted on a customized and mobile pedestal, which was completely finished in according to the customer’s wishes. The LED screen can be used in-store, placed behind the window or used at exhibitions and trade fairs.

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