LED totems​

A simple signpost or a fully customizable totem? LED Totems allow you to communicate to a wide audience on locations with lots of activity.

An remarkable eye-catcher for passers-by

Your messages stand out immediately to everyone. The double-sided LED totem is our own design. It’s slim, compact and an aesthetic piece of craftsmanship.
Een BrightBoard ledtotem aan jouw bedrijf net als Floralux
Een BrightBoard ledtotem aan jouw bedrijf net als SKODA Ceulemans

A simple signpost or fully customizable totem

Choose between a simple signpost structure or a fully equipped and personalized totem that flawlessly matches your corporate identity.

Led Totem

Single or double sided

Fixed signpost or totem construction

Fully customizable totem

User-friendly software

Brightness sensor

Time and program scheduling

KAA Gent Testimonial

Dynamic and clear communication is important not only around the playing field, but also outside the stadium it can be useful to attract and inform people. Informative messages, upcoming events, club information and advertising opportunities.

Solution: a BrightBoard Outdoor AdScreen Totem P6 of 8.29m².


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Attract attention with attractive and dynamic messages. Generate more brand awareness and revenue.