SBAT Dendermonde

Customers know prefectly what is expected of them.

Customer needs

At the SBAT center in Dendermonde, hundreds of customers pass through every day for the inspection of all types of vehicles. Any delay during an inspection, even if only a few seconds, has an impact on service and waiting times. In other words, clear instructions ensure smooth and fast operations. This not only results in less frustration or misunderstanding on the part of visitors, but is also a lot more fun to work with for our own staff.

Our solution

Like the centers Sint-Denijs-Westrem and Nazareth, SBAT Dendermonde installed an LED screen of 1.15m² above each line (6 lines) with personalized and adapted content. Seat belts fastened? Proper paperwork ready? Are you in the correct line? Clear instructions resulting in fewer delays and everyone in the correct line. Less time wasted, more work that can be done.

  • Type: BrightBoard AdScreen Outdoor
  • PixelPitch: P6
  • Size: 2.400mm x 480mm = 1,15m²
  • Resolution: 400pxs x 80pxs = 32.000 px


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